We start out with a personalized visit to the owners homesite. Getting a feel for the project and the owners needs is the most important part of the design. After accurate measurements and grades are taken and a rough sketch is done, we return to the office to start design. We do our designwork in house and along the way, we send our customers 3D Photo proofs of the design to make sure we are satisfying their vision. We then set a presentation appointment where we show our clients their design and have the ability to modify designs in " Real Time" to cut down on meetings and get clients the design they love at the price the works with their Budget. 


Cost is the one of the largest factors in the decision to build a pool for your home. We take that very seriously and work to manage expectations throughout the design process to ensure we aren't over-designing the clients budget.  We are a strong company with great buying power which allows us to be very competitive in today's market. Getting our clients a unique pool Design at an affordable price is what we pride ourselves on.  

Be Informed

Keeping our customers expectations managed and keeping them informed is another key factor in a successful pool build. We use a interactive customer portal to give our customers inside access to the pool building process. We load all files, plans, construction documents and photos to our customers personal online site for 24hr updated access to their pool project. We manage all change orders, selections, and communication through our on line portal making communication simple and easy. Milestones are checked off regularly and upcoming tasks are posted to show the client what is coming up next.